Who Are We

Much more then a "Gas Station"

Tom Thumb has been a staple of the Lake Stevens community since 1976. We have seen many changes made to our community and are proud that to have stood the test of time. 

Some may think that we are just the simple gas station on the south side of Lake Stevens, but boy are they wrong. We like to pride ourselves in saying that we are not only a Grocery Store but we try to keep the old town values that typically come with stores of our age.

We not only have the basic Soda, Snacks and Auto Care that your typical gas station has. We also have a Produce department with products ranging from Asparagus and Carrots but also Potatoes and Zucchini. Our Meat Department is rather impressive as well. We carry some of your favorite brands, some of your soon to be favorites and fresh cuts of our own.

We also have a large Growler Station, with currently 18 brews on tap. We even have one of the largest selection of beers, wines and spirits in town.

Come check us out before making your way our to the big box grocery store, you won't regret it! 


Have History with Tom Thumb?

With a store that's been around just a little longer then Star Wars we are sure to have made a lot of great memories with people. If you have some memories, pictures and stories please let us know as we are hoping to chronicle our store's now 45 year history. We would love to show memorialize your memories.

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